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“What can I say… Meredith literally saved my hair the first time I came to her a year ago. My hair was bright orange and I desperately needed a color correction. She literally did whatever she could to reassure me that she will be able to tackle this mishap. A few hours later, she turned my bright orange hair to a beautiful brown hair color. I will never go to another hair stylist ever again. She is everything you would want in a hairstylist. She is honest and super passionate about what she does. I’m super thankful that I found her her.”


“I can not rave enough about Meredith and the miracle she used on my hair! My hair was everything to me I loved it and due to medical reasons it was almost gone. It was thin, dry, severely damaged and completely lifeless to say the least. Just after the first visit leaving her chair my confidence was boosted 100%. She brought my hair back from the dead and was always completely honest with me when I had any questions. You will not be disappointed!”


“Before Meredith, I never came out of an appointment fully satisfied. At my first appointment with Meredith, she was welcoming, friendly, attentive, and was willing to spend the time with me to make sure I felt comfortable with what we agreed on. I am always left amazed at her expertise and I appreciate her attention to detail and countless creative approaches to making sure I get exactly what I want every time. She is a down to earth professional who loves her craft and I can not recommend her more!”


“I first came to Meredith when wanting to change my hair color from super dark to something a lot warmer, and she was the perfect guide throughout the process and now my go-to when it comes to my hair. Her skills are so spot on that I have friends asking me months after I’ve gotten my hair done if I’ve recently been to the salon. Meredith is always down to try something new when it comes to hair, and I love that she’s just as excited/in love with the end result as I am. If you’re looking for someone that loves what they do, is super accessible, makes you feel comfortable, and leaves your hair looking and feeling great, then Meredith’s your girl!”

Denise Lecter

“I came to Meredith when my hair was at it’s worst. She was able to rescue my damaged hair and restore it back to beautiful healthy locks. Her work is magick and you will feel even more magical after leaving her chair!”

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