Hair Extensions

When I was young I always loved looking at famous people with long thick hair. When I first came across extensions and had them done, I went from feeling like your normal girl next door to feeling a sexy & fierce force to be reckoned with.

It was then that I knew I wasn’t going back. So, after I got into my new hair routine I wanted to be able to help others feel amazing. I would be honored to be a part of your new hair journey whether you want to add some length, thickness, or even a splash of color.

Hair Color

I have always loved everything about hair color. Staying educated and trained in the latest trends and techniques has always been a priority of mine. After moving back home from Colorado I made 2018 the year of education. I knew if I wanted this as my career, it was paramount to stay informed on things like a “balayage” or a “lived in dimensional brunette”. I am always taking online courses to stay up to date because I aim not only to be the colorist you come to see, but the colorist you can’t live without.

I would love to show you how amazing your hair really can be.

Hair Loss/Mesh Integration

Experience the revolutionary Mesh Integration for hair loss. Discover a sophisticated and seamless solution to regain your confidence and transform your appearance. Our cutting-edge mesh integration technology is meticulously designed to flawlessly merge with your natural hair, empowering you with the freedom to effortlessly style and embrace life to the fullest. Bid farewell to thinning hair and embark on a transformative journey towards luscious, voluminous locks. Join the countless individuals who have already witnessed the life-altering benefits of our Mesh Integration for hair loss.

Begin your quest for fuller, more vibrant hair today!

Hair Cuts

It all starts with healthy hair. For your hair color to reflect in the light correctly, your style to lay nicely, for your hair to get long, the drier older hair needs to be removed. Depending on your routine, hair density, and hair history trims are recommended every 6 to 12 weeks. Hair at our scalp is constantly growing, but if the older hair at the ends gets too dry and damaged, they begin to split up the hair shaft then break and prevent the desired length.

I would love to show you how amazing your hair really can be.